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Why You Need An Inspection

Structures vary from one to another, and termites love to hide. Sometimes the smallest construction difference can mean a huge difference in how we would treat your infestation. To be sure which termite treatment is needed for your home or business, an on-site inspection is absolutely necessary. Call Command Pest Control Pompano Beach. We also proudly serve Fort Lauderdale and all of South Florida. Schedule a free inspection today and get 5% OFF your first service!

Are they Ants or Termites?

Identifying the pests in your home is a key part of the extermination process. It’s vital to ensure that the treatments performed will eradicate the critters invading your home. One of the most common mistakes made by homeowners is confusing an ant for a termite, and vice-versa. Regardless of which it is, you should contact us in order to protect your home from these pests. Here are a few tips how to identify the differences between termites and ants:


pest control pompano beach

All ants have a constricted waist, elbowed antenna, and are made up of three body parts – the head, thorax, and abdomen.


Formosan Termites

Termites have no “constricted” waist, no “elbowed” antenna, and only two body parts – not three like ants do.

Termite Family

Subterranean Termites

Reproductives, Workers, and Soldiers are all part of the termite family and may look different to the untrained eye.

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