13 Common Pest Found in Deerfield Beach Florida

Deerfield Beach, Florida has great weather, sunshine, and beautiful landscapes. A variety of pests want in on the bountiful land too. These pests create unnecessary problems and sometimes you have to call in the professionals. Enlisting the help of trained pest control professionals in Deerfield Beach, Florida to handle your pest infestations is recommended. If you are a do-it-yourselfer and want to handle your pests problems on your own, you still need to know what these critters and rodents are about. In this post we take a bird’s-eye view of some of the leading pest problems in Deerfield Beach Florida. 

Bed Bugs

Deerfield Beach is warm all year, and this is just the weather most pests prefer.  Bed bugs are often found in the area due to a multitude of visitors from all over the world. They are found in hotels, homes, and other areas where beds are normally found. Bed bugs are excellent hiders. If you have stained bed linens or unexplained bite marks, call an exterminator to tackle the problem right away. 


Iguanas breed quickly and since they have limited predators in Deerfield Beach, an infestation can cause a lot of damage to your property. You will find their droppings and burrows in your yard. These pests are carriers of salmonella and thrive in warm climates. If you notice an alarming amount of iguanas call a pest control expert right away. An iguana infestation can create structural damage to your home, shed, or other buildings. 


These are some of the biggest pests in Deerfield Beach because they burrow through lawns looking for ants and termites. They become pests because they destroy your landscape overnight as they eagerly search for food. To get rid of unwelcome armadillos takes experience and know-how. Avoid trying to handle their removal without the help of an expert.  


Make no mistake, squirrels are rodents that cause a lot of damage to homes and families. These pests are a nuisance for they crawl into attics and chew on any wooden furniture. Their droppings and fur can contaminate your floors. They are also quite destructive when searching for nuts or creating a nest. 


Damage to property, carriers of rabies, ringworm, roundworm, and bacteria Leptospirosis, raccoons are dangerous pests and you must not attempt to handle them by yourself. Raccoons may litter in your attics and damage your home looking for food. They are also well known in the area for scavenging for food. 


Birds such as pigeons are complicated pests to deal with. Since they can be a nuisance all year long, you need tangible pest control options to keep them at bay. Setting up bird netting, spikes, or shock track needs to be installed by a certified pest control technician to ensure the process is handled safely.  


Bats invade homes, attics, and carry disease. If they remain in your home, their fecal matter brings about breathing difficulties that lead to respiratory failure. These pests are dangerous to have in your homes and workplaces because of the variety of diseases they carry that may be transferred to humans. Speak to a pest control expert in Deerfield Beach prior to attempting removal. 


Coyotes balance the ecosystem, being predators to other pests such as rodents. Hazing efforts like waving your hands, yelling, or blowing air horns scare coyotes and make them run away. As a general rule, coyotes will leave your property at the sight of you. Avoid sprinting away, remain calm, and keep a safe distance until the coyote moves on. 

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are some of the most common pests in Deerfield Beach, Florida. They cause much damage to homes and buildings. Since they breed quickly, if ignored, rats and mice can turn into a big rodent problem. To avoid further damage from the infestation, call on a professional to trap and exterminate any mice or rats you see. 


While some snakes found in Deerfield Beach are non-venomous and harmless, venomous snakes can be dangerous. Snakes creep into your homes and find quiet places like garages or attics to settle in. You need an expert to remove them from your property and make sure these pests don’t creep back again. Sealing cracks and controlling entry points is key to keeping snakes at bay. 

Bees and Wasps

If you find a honeycomb or a beehive on your property, do not tackle this problem on your own. A swarm of bees can be dangerous to handle without the proper safety measures. Professional pest control experts will not only remove the beehive, they will tend to the area so bees don’t return to build another hive.


You will find these pests living under your homes, in the garage, or your shed. They are a nuisance because they can consume your pet’s food or rummage through garbage cans, leaving a big mess. Keep food stored in pests-proof containers and seal up entry points. 


Skunks are diggers and will dig holes on your property for their litter. If you notice a constant unpleasant odor in your home or workplace, you need to call exterminators to remove the skunks and take care of the odor problem too. 

The pests in Deerfield Beach, Florida are vast and varied. Each poses a unique set of challenges to keep you on your toes. For more information about which pests to look for in our community contact us and we’ll be happy to schedule a free consultation.


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