The Average Cost of Termite Treatment

 Termites are one of the most destructive pests you can find in your home or workplace. Treating termites takes experience, awareness, and a follow-up pest control plan. There are many termite treatment options to choose from. The average cost of termite treatment depends on the severity of your damage as well as the size of the termite colony. 
A professional termite inspection will get you the most accurate average cost of termite treatment for your home. Your inspector checks your home and foundation for signs of an infestation. The initial inspection is often complimentary. But to receive a complete report that details damage and problem areas expect to pay up to $150. 

Type of Termites

Termite treatment largely depends on the type of termites in the affected area. There are basically two species of termites that invade homes. Subterranean termites build their colonies a few feet away from your home. This species builds tall, vertical mud tubes. The most common method to treat Subterranean termites is to remove these tubes and inject pesticide into the colonies.
Drywood termites live inside homes. The species prefers rotting wood or structures of wood. A sure sign of their presence is fecal pellets left on the floor or windows or “saw dust” remnants in corners. Unfortunately, Drywood termites can live undiscovered in a structure for years.

Termite Treatment

The total cost of a termite treatment in the United States ranges between $2,000 and $5,000. The cost of your termite control is based on the complexity of the job. If your treatment requires various chemicals and unique materials or supplies you can expect to pay more. Here are the most common types of treatment and general cost. Please consult your local termite control specialists for more accurate pricing. 
  • Chemical Treatments – Insecticide sprays repel termites and help prevent them from entering your home or structure. This is a preventive measure. The termites already inside the wood structures of your home die from dehydration. It will range between $4-$16 per foot which calculates between $1300-$1500 depending on the size of the surface area.
  • Bait Systems – This treatment plan involves baiting termites. The baits have toxic edible material. Each station responds to termite activity. This is time-consuming treatment but is the lowest cost among all others. The average cost is $800 to $3200.
  • Termite Fumigation –  This is the most expensive treatment. Fumigation is also the most effective termite treatments to get rid of the termite infestation. The cost is based on cubic feet. This treatment is used to terminate Drywood termites and the average cost is $1300 and $2500
  • Heat Extermination – Heat extermination requires that hot air circulate throughout your home. The average cost is $1300 and $2500. The cost can be lower if you use the heat treatment in particular areas instead of your whole house.
  • Micro Treatments – Micro treatments are for minor termite problems. The cost for using an electro-gun or the microwave system is approximately $1,150. This is a chemical-free treatment that is ideal for small areas, and uses heat to kill the termites.

Factors Affecting Your Termite Treatment Cost

Trying to figure out how much your termite treatment will cost is not easy. Consider scheduling an appointment with a termite control specialist for the most accurate pricing. Here’s what you can expect to influence your quote: 
  • Size of Your Home
    The larger your home or structure, the more you can expect to pay for quality termite treatment .
  • Severity of Infestation
    The type of termite infestation you are facing will also influence the cost of the termite treatment. For example, spot treatment is more affordable than whole-house treatment. 
  • Foundation of Your Home
    Your home or structure plays a vital role in the cost of your termite treatment. Slab foundations require advanced methods of drilling to inject treatment chemicals. 
To get a fair and accurate quote for your termite treatment it is important to get multiple estimates from local pest control specialists. Choose a reputable company and ask for references. Also ask your termite treatment specialist about various preventive measures to take to ensure there is minimal damage from the termite infestationTermite treatments can be costly, however, untreated termite infestations can be even more costly. For more information about termite treatment and what to expect speak to one of our termite treatment specialist

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