Where Do Bed Bugs Hide: 5 Places Other Than Your Bed

Do you think you’ve got a bed bug infestation?

They can come from a myriad of sources and once they’re in your home, it’s a nightmare of a task to get rid of them. Bed bugs don’t only cause harmful bites but recent studies show they even transmit diseases.

But where do bed bugs hide?

Finding them is as big a problem as eliminating them. They tend to come out of hiding only when people sleep, making them elusive pests compared to others. Contrary to their name they don’t only stick around beds.

Other than your bed, here are some of the most common hiding spots for bed bugs:

1. Furniture Crevices

Keep in mind that bed bugs stay close to their food source: you. This is the primary reason why they stick close to the bed mattress. It’s a short trip from their little cove to your flesh when it’s time to feast on blood.

Despite that, you may find some of them hiding in other furniture crevices. This can include coffee tables, end tables, and bedside drawers. These are often found close to the bed, giving bed bugs a stable place to hide that is still close to their primary meal.

You should also look inside your drawers and nearby home entertainment sets. Bed bugs can and will hide in those spots, especially if you don’t clean those areas often.

Because of this, some people mistake their bed bug bites for other pest bites. It is important to differentiate bed bug bites from termite bites or fire ant bites because dealing with each kind of pest requires a different approach.

2. Clothes and Clothes Storage

Where do bed bugs hide? More likely than not, you’ll find them in the same spot you brought them in.

Most bed bugs come from outside the house and get brought in after sleeping at a hotel, a friend’s house, or traveling in public transportation. For this reason, you may find bed bugs in your closet or luggage, sleeping in your clothes.

In case the infestation is in its infancy, and you’re sure the bed bugs haven’t spread out yet, you can take your clothes out and let an exterminator work on them. This can save you a lot of time compared to an infestation that spread throughout the house.

If you do find bed bugs hiding in your clothes or blankets, don’t spray pesticide. Some bed bugs devolved a resistance to pesticide. This is a situation where calling the experts is the better solution.

3. Sofa

When asking where do bed bugs hide, you have to ask where you spend the most time in. This is why bedrooms get the short end of the stick since people spend their whole evening there, sleeping.

The one place humans spend most time in the house other than the bedroom is in the living room. It’s where the TV is, where people get to bond together, and where the sofa and carpets are. That’s where you’ll find more bed bugs.

Sofas, in particular, have a lot of crevices and hidden interior spaces for bed bugs to call home. Make sure to look underneath the fabric, in all the crevices and corners, and underneath the sofa. You may even find them in the couch pillows.

4. Curtains

Yes, your curtains could house bed bugs. If there are curtains close to your sofa, bed, and closet then it’s likely that the bugs from those places will spread out to your curtain and furniture.

Where do bed bugs hide in the curtain? Look close up and close to the rods. You may also find some bed bugs hiding near the bottom edges and in the folds, where there’s no light.

The folds are the most likely hiding spots because they are dark. Bed bugs don’t get disturbed in these spots either.

5. Rugs and Carpet Edges

If you found bed bugs in your clothes, furniture, or sofa, then you’ll likely find some hiding underneath your rugs and carpet edges. Their flat anatomy lets them sneak underneath rugs with little to no problem, keeping them out of sight during the day.

If you have pets, like a dog or cat, then they can carry bed bugs around all over your living room. Pets tend to sleep on the carpet so even if you don’t spend time there, you may find bed bugs hiding underneath the rug.

Again, don’t use pesticide as an immediate solution. Resistant bed bugs will only scatter and find even more places to hide in your home. They don’t have nests but they have a tendency to group together whenever they find a new home.

This will cause them to spread and increase in number.

Where You Won’t Find Bed Bugs

Bed bugs like it warm, dark, and cozy. They prefer places where you’ll lounge and spend time in because it gives them an ample food source. This means some spots in your home are safe from a bed bug infestation.

These places include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Empty basements
  • Garages
  • Empty spare rooms

Notice that all of these spots are areas humans don’t spend a lot of time in. The only instance you might find bed bugs in the kitchen is if you lounge there often and if there is furniture they can stay in, like large chairs.

Now You Know Where Do Bed Bugs Hide

Found bed bugs in any of the aforementioned places? Do you fear an infestation?

Don’t try to fight them off by yourself. Not only could you harm yourself using hazardous chemicals, you might not get rid of all the pests in your home. They could survive and move on to another portion of your home.

Knowing where do bed bugs hide is only the first half of fighting them. The other half is calling the experts for proper pest control. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment.

We guarantee to get rid of your bed bug problems in a quick and safe manner.

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Dave Galvagni