What is No Tent Treatment? | Pest Control Pompano Beach

What’s No-Tent Termite Treatment and How Does it Work?

Do you often hear clicking sounds coming from the walls of your home? Do you happen to see little piles of wings in the corners of the rooms at your house? Watch out because these are only a couple of signs you have termites in your home. There is no doubt that one of your largest investments […]

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How to Get Rid of Mice | Pest Control Services

Mouse In the House? 7 Tips On How to Get Rid of Mice

Mouse Trap was a fun game for kids in the ’90s, but trying to trap a mouse in your house in real life is less amusing. Mice are a common nuisance for many homeowners. Mice also seem to go unnoticed until we find their droppings. These small animals have a way of evading us and hiding, […]

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Signs You Have Termites | Pest Control Services in South Florida

5 Signs You Have Termites

Every year, termites cause more than $5 billion worth of property damage throughout the United States. To make matters worse, this damage usually isn’t covered by homeowners insurance policies, meaning people are left having to pay for repairs out of their own pockets. Do you have a suspicion that you have a termite problem in your home? […]

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What Attracts Rats and Other Rodents to Your Home? (And What to Do About it)

What Attracts Rats and Other Rodents to Your Home? (And What to Do About it)

There’s nothing positive about a rodent infestation. When rats, mice, and other rodents make their way into a home, they wreak absolute havoc, eating food, destroying furniture, and making a general mess. For this reason, you need to take rodent infestations seriously. While you can deal with rodent infestations after they’ve already occurred, it’s much easier […]

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Why Do Mice Come From, Anyway? House the Mouse Got in Your House

Where Do Mice Come From, Anyway? House the Mouse Got in Your House

You hear something scurrying across your ceilings at night. Your food is suspiciously going missing. You’re finding…droppings. There’s no doubt about it at this point: You have a mouse in your house. The question is: How did it get there? How do mice get in the house? There are several ways for mice to enter […]

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hornets nest

Hearing a Buzz? Here Are 5 Signs That You May Have a Wasp or Hornets Nest

Hornets and wasps kill more people than venomous snakes or aggressive dogs. Wilderness and Environmental Medicine published a report showing the causes of death for 1,610 people from 2008 to 2015. During the 8-year time frame dog attacks claimed 272 lives, snake bites 99 but the highest number of deaths came from hornets, wasps or bees. […]

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How To Prepare Your Home For Termite Tenting, pest control south florida

How To Prepare Your Home For Termite Tenting

Termites are not always in full view. You may not become aware of their presence until they’ve taken over your whole house. Even if you can’t see them, that doesn’t mean they’re not a problem. Every year, the amount of structural damages they cause are in the billions. If you’re worrying about termites damaging your home, snoop […]

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rodent infestation south florida, pest control ft lauderdale

How A Rodent Infestation Can Be Harmful To Your Health

If it seems like there are rodents everywhere in recent years, you’re not imagining things. In the last couple of years, calls to pest control companies have increased anywhere from 60% to 120%. While a rodent infestation is annoying, it’s also a health and safety risk. Rodents can appear because of neglect and decay. They can […]

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where do bed bugs hide, pest control near me

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide: 5 Places Other Than Your Bed

Do you think you’ve got a bed bug infestation? They can come from a myriad of sources and once they’re in your home, it’s a nightmare of a task to get rid of them. Bed bugs don’t only cause harmful bites but recent studies show they even transmit diseases. But where do bed bugs hide? Finding […]

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best pest control company in florida, pest control company

How to Find the Right Pest Control Company in Florida

What’s the big deal about finding the right pest control company in Florida? They all offer the same services more or less so you should just choose any, right? Well, that’s one way of doing it. It would probably take you less than five minutes and you can just call it a day. The only […]

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