DIY Pest Control Tips in Fort Lauderdale

Whether it’s an infestation in your home, garden, or workplace, there are times when you just need a DIY pest control tip to prevent or handle a pest situation on your own. Using reasonable solutions and simple products can help you manage your pest challenges easily and simply. One of the most important reasons to control your pests problem is to protect your property. With these simple do-it-yourself tips you can protect your home and other structures. If your pest control problems seem to be heavy, and a possible infestation, you will need a pest control expert in Fort Lauderdale

Keep Your Countertops Clean

Maintaining clean countertops makes certain that pests are not attracted to food or water sources in your home. Wiping your counters at night time and removing any food particles left on the countertops helps keep pests at bay. Use a natural solvent with part water and part vinegar to sanitize and remove tough odors.

Cleanse Drains Regularly

Did you know that your drains can have food particles stuck in the pipes and can attract pests like roaches and ants? Remember to clean your drains periodically. Drano is an option for many home owners however, if you want to work with less toxic and more natural substances, then pour in half a cup of baking soda followed by vinegar of same measure. Wait a few minutes before you pour boiling water into the drain. This helps cleanse the drain and pipes. Vinegar is also effective at repelling spiders. Use equal parts vinegar and water to spray on walls and in corners.

Trim Your Trees

Controlling your foliage is the best way to prevent pests. If trees and shrubs are left unattended and allowed to grow on your fence and over your property, this becomes big nuisance for you. Big tree branches are great places for the pests like termites, ants, and roaches to seek shelter and also become breeding grounds for other rodents. Keep your trees and shrubs trimmed and provide a sizable gap between your vegetation and your property.

Basic Prevention 

Did you know bed bugs can travel with you on your clothes and luggage? Be sure to check any items you bring inside your home. Dust your jacket and check your grocery bags for any unwanted travelers.

Pests need water for survival. Still water attracts pests like mosquitoes and quickly turn it into a breeding ground. Still water around your home can be found in your gardens, bird baths, or repurposed plant holders like rubber tires, etc. Look around your property and change the water in birdbaths frequently or remove still water altogether.

Repaint and Replace

If moisture has entered your property, one of the first signs is paint chipping off walls and surfaces bubbling. If you notice this in your home or workplace and you have wood floors, the moisture most likely entered the floors as well. To avoid wood decay or termite infestation, make sure you replace your wood and repaint the walls while you’re at it too.

Remove Trash

It is best to keep your trash outside of your home, but if you have to, make sure your trash cans or dustbins are sealed properly. Pests like to rummage through trash for food and an open trash can is an open invitation for a pest party. In case you reuse your garbage in a compost bin nearby, make sure to seal it tightly. If you’re able, keep it far away from your living space.

Block Access

Open crevices, cracks, and holes are a gateway for ants and other pests in your property. Check your home or property periodically to seal up any entry ways. Also check your cabinets and baseboards for holes and seal them up immediately to keep out mice and rodents.

Rodent Traps

These are traditionally used to trap rodents. While traps can be messy and seem cruel to use around homes, you can choose traps that safely and securely capture pests like squirrels, Use these for rodent and pest controlmice, raccoons, and even possums. Humane traps can be purchased at your local hardware stores. Trap and release in a woodland area. If you’d like not to handle it, your local pest control expert in Fort Lauderdale can remove your pests. However, they will exterminate the animal.

Sticky tapes to trap rodents, roaches, ants and other creepy crawlies are also often used. You can look for the non-toxic varieties of these glue boards if you have children or pets in your home. Use them in entry ways or any other entry to your property.

Simple DIY pest control tips like these help you keep your living spaces pest free and devoid of unwanted pest and the expense of structural damages related to them.

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