How to Find the Right Pest Control Company in Florida

What’s the big deal about finding the right pest control company in Florida? They all offer the same services more or less so you should just choose any, right?

Well, that’s one way of doing it. It would probably take you less than five minutes and you can just call it a day. The only problem with this approach is if you’re not careful with your selection, you could easily go over budget, or worse, be a victim of pest control scams.

To make sure you’re contracting with a reputable pest control company, consider the following tips.

Think Cost-Effective Instead of Cheap

We all want to save money. But choosing a pest control company that offers the lowest prices isn’t worth it if they don’t do the job right.

Consider why a company will offer rates that are significantly lower than industry standards. Are their technicians well-trained to handle dangerous chemicals? Do they have sufficient experience treating different types of pests?

Remember, you’ll be letting in these people in your home. You could be putting everyone that lives in your home in danger if pesticides are misused. Don’t compromise their health and safety just because you want to save some dollars.

Do Your Homework

Just because a pest control company in Florida says they’re licensed and insured doesn’t mean they are. Besides, there are licenses and certifications that can be obtained just by paying a fee. When you do your research, don’t forget to call licensing agencies and interview them about their requirements.

You should also remember that licensing regulations aren’t the same in every state. In Florida, you can call the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to verify licenses.

Look Out for Red Flags

If you come across a pest control company that offers package deals and special prices that sound too good to be true, check their website and contact details. You’re most likely dealing with a sham entity if they don’t have an online presence or a working telephone number.

You should also be wary of those who sell services door-to-door. There have been cases of theft involving people who pose as pest control workers.

Other red flags include secret formula claims and endorsements by government agencies. Keep in mind that the EPA and the States Department of Agriculture require all pesticide products to be registered. Government agencies will also never endorse any company or specific products.

Keep Your Options Open

Don’t hesitate to get written proposals from the pest control companies you are considering. Compare offers and see which company is willing to do a free inspection.

If the offers are almost similar, you can decide based on the treatment methods that will be used.

Track record is also a factor. You want to go for a pest control company in Florida that has been in the business for years and has a proven approach for eliminating termites, pests, and rodents.

The Best Pest Control Company in Florida

With over 25 years of experience, we are known for providing the best pest control and removal services in South Florida. Our team of experts uses top of the line equipment, and we are licensed by the State of Florida Department of Agriculture.

Feel free to schedule an appointment. You can also call us at (954) 943-0008 if you want to know more about our termite inspection and treatment, lawn spraying, and other services.

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