How to Keep Mice Away During Rodent Season

Sure, some people may think mice are cute, but mice can cause a lot of damage to a home. Mice can chew through insulation, furniture, wires, and destroy your personal belongings. They can also contaminate 10 times the amount of food they eat!

T’is the season for furry little stowaways! Learn how to keep mice away during rodent season as well as what to do if they’ve already moved in.

Check All Entry Points

Take a look at all your doors and windows. Make sure they close properly, and there are no gaps. Remember, mice can squeeze in the tiniest spots, and if a rat or mouse can fit its head in the hole, it can get its whole body inside.

You can seal windows and doors with metal kick plates to bridge any gaps, or use weather stripping. You can also use steel wool to block any holes. Mice cannot chew steel wool.

You can also fill gaps with caulk, plaster, or cement. Eaves and soffits are also popular entry points. Spray some tea tree oil around all your entry points, and mice will not want to come visit.

Store Your Food in Air Tight Containers

Make sure all food mice like are hard to get to. This includes bird seed, grass seed, and pet food. You should use heavy, plastic containers.

Rats and mice can chew about any soft packaging. Glass containers are best for your indoor food.

Seal Your Garbage

Put all your garbage in sealed containers and bags. Your home must be clean to keep the rodents away. Often, mice go to garbage first in a home to search for food. Sprinkle some peppermint essential oil around your garbage for a pleasant smell and to keep mice away.

You can also try putting your garbage cans on six-inch platforms to get them off the ground. Make sure all the lids are sealed tightly. Tie down the lid if you have a full can.

Bring Out the Soda

Mice love the sweet smell of soda, but soda is not good for mice. The carbonation can kill them.

Put out some bowls of soda if you suspect have some mice. Just be sure to check it regularly and dump it.

Inspect Your Foundation

Check the foundation for any gaps just like you did your doors and windows. Add black foam or wire mesh to prevent rodents from sneaking in. It’s important to fix any gaps in your foundation immediately for the safety of your home and to keep out the unwanted guests.

Spray Your Windows and Doors with Ammonia

Clean your windows with ammonia-based spray. It not only makes your glass sparkle – it also helps keep mice away. Put small amounts of ammonia near entry points because mice do not like the smell.

Avoid Clutter

Any piles of stuff can be inviting to a mouse. Be sure you keep your house and garage as organized as possible.

Seal Utility Lines

Those lines running into your home can also let the mice in. Check your siding for any gaps, and fill them as soon as possible.

Check Your Roof

The roof is another popular spot that mice use to get in a home. Be sure you look for any leaks, missing shingles, and the ventilators. You should fill all these gaps immediately.

If you have a chimney, consider getting a chimney screen to keep out the mice and other critters. It’s important to inspect your roof regularly. Water can get into any of these holes on your roof also.

Dryer Sheets

Not only do they make your house smell fresh, they keep the mice away. Set out dryer sheets in your basement and attic. Mice do not like the smell, and you can make those areas fresh!

Cleanliness is Number One

Be sure you keep any area with food clean. Don’t leave out leftover food and containers. Mice found leftover food to be an invitation into your home – one party you don’t want to have!

Also, don’t leave pet food out. If your dog or cat doesn’t eat all their food, pick it up and put it away. Keep the food inside if possible.

Set Out Mouse Traps

If you have any doubt, do the old-fashioned method. Set out some mousetraps with a little cheese or peanut butter. This can help you catch a mouse, just like the popular kid’s game.

Moth Balls

You can set out moth balls in your basement and attic if you suspect mice (or moths). These fragrant balls don’t smell as good as dryer sheets, but they get the job done in those less frequented areas.

Look Around Outside

Along with gaps in your home, check other areas that mice could use to get in. This includes any branches leading to your home, ivy on your house, and gutters. You may want to consider gutter guards to help protect your downspouts from mice and leaves!

How do You Know if You Have Mice?

There are several kinds of fun pests and creatures that may get into your home. You have to figure out what it is first. If you think it’s mice, look for these signs:

  • Mice droppings near food or in drawers and cabinets
  • Nests with stuffing or other soft materials
  • Squeaking noises in your wall
  • Food packages with holes
  • Burrows

Keep trying the suggestions above to get rid of unwanted house guests. There are rat repellants on the market as well, but you may want to consider other options if you are not successful.

How to Keep Mice Away? Call a Professional

If you suspect you have mice and don’t know how to keep mice away, contact us today for a free inspection. Sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts before you have too much damage.

Check out our blog today to help rid your house of any other pest. Suspect cockroaches? Here’s how to get them away and keep them away – no one wants uninvited guests in their homes, no matter what they are.

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