South Florida Pest Control Experts

Living in South Florida, you will likely find that you see your share of pests in the home and on your property. When these pests invade your home, bother your family or otherwise get out of control, it is very important to contact a South Florida pest control company that you can count on. This is where the team at Command Pest Control can step in. We are a licensed and certified pest control company using the latest technology and techniques when it comes to pest control.

We Have a History of Exceptional Pest Control Service

For over 20 years, we have been serving our customers by offering top notch pest control solutions. The company was founded in 1990 in New York City and relocated in 1995 to Pompano Beach. Since then, our owner, Dave Galvagni and our expert exterminators have been able to combat pests of all kinds including termites, rodents and spraying lawns in order to control the pests that are there. It doesn’t matter what type of pest may be making its presence know, if you give us a call, we will be there to help with our thorough service.

Specific Pest Control Services Offered by Command Pest Control

Some of the specific services you will find when you contact Command Pest Control include pest identification and tree-injection. As mentioned, we also offer termite control and can even offer no-tent termite treatment. Termite inspections, fumigation and whitefly treatments are also offered by our South Florida pest control company. We are also certified to use Termidor Termiticide and Vikane gas. What does this mean for the home or business owner? It means that your property will be treated with some of the finest products on the market, products that are only accessible by calling certain pest control companies, including Command Pest Control.

Customer Satisfaction is Always Our Goal

If our customers are not happy, neither are we. This is why we have a goal of 100 percent customer satisfaction. How do we achieve this goal? All of our exterminators are fully trained by our owner, we have eight full-time trucks to serve the needs of our customers, and we are a member of the Certified Pest Control Operators Association of Florida. We are also an affiliate member of the Fort Lauderdale Board of Realtors.

If you need pest controlĀ in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach or the surrounding area, we hope to hear from you the next time you have a pest problem. Call Command Pest Control seven days a week at (954) 943-0008.

Command Pest Control