Termite Fumigation in Florida

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Are you looking for the best Termite Fumigation Company in Florida? Then look no further than Command Pest Control, Inc. We offer professional and safe termite treatments for your home or business. A trusted name for over 25 years, Command Pest Control, Inc. will always recommend the correct and most cost-effective treatment needed.

The Right Termite Treatment for Your Home

With the help of our trained and knowledgeable inspectors, you will know which service your home needs. After conducting a thorough termite inspection, our friendly staff will brief you on the options available. Tent Fumigation is the most effective treatment when dealing with Drywood Termites. We have done thousands of Tent Fumigations over the last 25 years – you cannot beat that kind of experience.
There are other types of termite treatments, and each has its own pros and cons, we will go over each treatment method with you. In some cases, Tent Fumigation is the Only Option, such as: structures with little or no access to the affected areas, flat roof structures, structures with low attic design, or structures with multiple areas of infestation.

Why A Tent for Termite Fumigation?

Aside from having not enough access, tent treatment is your only option if the termites in your home have become nearly impossible to find. Termites have the natural ability to hide and they can disperse in seconds!

Additionally, for homes that have more two or more termite colonies, tent fumigation is the most ideal option. As it involves major work, tent treatment is able to destroy all colonies, leaving no place untreated, and no termites able to rebuild their colony.

Our Command Pest Control specialists will brief you about important safety guidelines for tent fumigation with Vikane Gas, which include vacating your home and removing un-canned goods, plants, and flowers from the premises. See the Fumigation Checklist!

Are you looking for professional termite pest control service in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, or the greater South Florida area? Trust one name to do the work for you! Call Command Pest Control at (954) 943-0008 or fill out the service request form.