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If left ignored and untreated, termites can cause you a lot of trouble. As such, early and accurate detection will help you prevent them from further damaging your property. The ideal solution is to call the best termite and pest control company in Fort Lauderdale for effective treatment. For this, know that Command is just a dial away!

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Termites are very sneaky pests. They invade by tunneling into your home and property through the soil. You won’t be able to see them until they’re already inside your building.

Here are common signs that termites may be living in your home:

  • Hollow-sounding wood
    If you have been living in your house or using your building facility for quite some time now, try knocking on the walls. Termites breed in humid and dark areas, and will almost always be invisible to the naked eye. Unless you are ready to start breaking down walls on your own, you need to contact the best termite and pest control exterminator to do the dirty work for you.
  • Discarded wings
    Termites usually leave their home nests to start building new colonies. They will usually shed their wings when taking flight to their new home. Once you see discarded wings on your floor, it’s high time you call the professionals.

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Leave it to Command Pest Control in South Florida to take care of destructive pests and termites. We know how to treat termites, from inspection and identification to termite treatment. Before coming up with a plan, our team will conduct an inspection to correctly identify the problem. Then we will sit down with you to discuss the available treatment options.

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